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Missioinaries of Faith St. Paul's Province - India

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 Province of  St. Paul - INDIA


In the beginning....

The Congregation Missionaries of Faith was founded in Italy by Anna Maria Andreani and Fr. Luigi Duilio Graziotti and erected canonically on December 25th 1982. Its first generalate in Genoa, Italy. Later, in the year 1988, the Generalate was shifted to Rome. Now it is an international Society, having its missions in the four continents of the world.  Our priests are present in Philippines, Italy, Burma, Vietnam, India, USA, and West Indies.

Aim of the congregation
The main aim of the congregation is to be at the service of the Church and to proclaim the love of God to all and to reach the perfection of Charity through the personal sanctification in fidelity to the Spirit proper of the Institute.

Motto of the Congregation
The Motto of the Congregation is Gratia et Gaudium in Fide that is Grace and Joy in Faith. The Titular of the Congregation is The HOLY TRINITY and patron is Mary Queen of Confessors of Faith.

Charism of the Congregation
Our main charism is Faith and Mission. The congregation undertakes any kind of Apostolic Missionary Activity at the request of the ecclesiastical Authorities, especially where the priestly Missionary is most needed. Special attention is given to activities for the benefit of the priests, for leading them to holiness of the proper vocation and to be of support and fraternal help to them.
The other activities are – apostolate towards the separated brethren for bringing them to the Catholic Faith and apostolate towards the youth for promoting the development of their proper vocation.